Group Trips That Are NOT Destination Weddings.

Usually I write about Destination Weddings or Couple Travel but today  I am going to branch into something I have been trying to organize lately: a FAMILY vacation (although the steps I describe apply to any large group) . It is completely different than planning a destination wedding because with weddings the bride and groom make the decisions and guests decide if they want to go on the trip or not.

J and I are organizing a big family trip and inviting extended family to partake in the vacation with us. We are not 100% sure how many people will be interested but I thought the more information I can collect for people the more that they will be able to see if it is something they can commit too. So the following is some information on what you want to know about your group before approaching a travel agent. I personally DO recommend a travel agent for every trip you take (it’s not more expensive – trust me) but especially for a trip where there are many different people contributing money to the trip. You don’t want to be responsible for collecting money from family or friends do you?

So here are the following steps to organizing a big trip

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