Why We Chose A Destination Wedding (in Mexico)

Ohhhh so many reasons.  Honestly I knew I wanted to have a destination wedding even before I attended my first destination wedding in 2012. My fiance on the other hand needed a bit more convincing. I think sometimes that men get drawn into what the wedding industry tells you that you must have to have a proper wedding even more than women! Of course this makes sense because (some!) men only see main wedding marketing and don’t spend hours on pinterest searching “budget wedding” or “wedding under 5K”.

Of course herein lies the dilemma because your “average” wedding has an above average price of over $30,000. We knew we didn’t want to spend anywhere close to that but if we had a home wedding our guest list was non-negotiable. We both have big families and with just our “must have” family members we were at almost 100 people. To save you time, when you google how to cut wedding costs it really comes down to two things that make the most difference: guest list and catering. Our guest list couldn’t really be made smaller to replicate the affordable pinterest weddings that usually have a guest list between 50-75. My fiance was originally against having a destination wedding but he also didn’t love the idea of having a wedding without serving food or drinks either. And obviously the idea of saving money for the next five years to spend on one day wasn’t appealing. So I searched and searched the internet and found that if I chose the cheapest of everything I could find that we would want for our wedding we would be looking at a conservative $15,000. I REALLY did not want to spend $15,000 on the cheapest wedding I could muster up! So enters the opportunity to show my fiance the perks of getting married abroad.

Perks of choosing a Destination Wedding over the Traditional Wedding you originally wanted:

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