Centrepieces That Can Fit In Your Suitcase

I will never stop saying that I truly believe less is more when it comes to destination wedding decor. You are spending a lot of money to get married somewhere beautiful right? You really shouldn’t need to also worry about a ton of decor. And of course this is another instance where the smaller guest list saves you (you are decorating 5 tables instead of 30 right?) – at least that’s the idea.

Basically what I am trying to say is, I’m not even really sure you need to have centrepieces at your destination wedding. To be honest, I have seen some stunning centrepieces at weddings but I don’t really think they are necessary at any wedding (sorry wedding industry!)

Okay I know,  we love centrepieces. So for a destination wedding you have two options: go with something your venue provides or bring something that will fit in your suitcase. Some resorts will let you ship items for your wedding to the resort before you arrive but you still can’t get away with anything too bulky.

If you are going to use centrepieces provided by your venue know that there is probably an extra charge. Some resorts provide something small like candles and you can choose to add something. For the resort we are getting married at, centrepieces start at $60USD and go up from there. Just to give you an idea!

Here is some centrepiece ideas if you decide to bring your own decor (or at least, some of your own decor). For planning purposes, I should warn you that at the venue I choose, depending how elaborate the centrepieces I bring I may have to pay a set up fee.

View More: http://justinandmary.pass.us/ashleyjeremywedding

Source: here

I love the above centrepieces, so simple and sweet. The look could easily be packed as long as you choose mini vases that can easily stack and although it looks like this idea was used with rectangle tables I think you could pack beautiful table runners that fit perfectly with your wedding decor. Bonus points if you pick a table runner that would work with the resorts (probably white) standard linens.


Source: here

Okay not for a beach wedding but I really believe these are beautiful centrepieces for a wedding in the mountains.You could take this idea and DIY something similar and although you couldn’t pack multiple of the finished product, you could likely pack the pieces required. Up to you how much work you want to do before you arrive at the location!


Source: here

Bonus because if you get married on a beach you don’t have to pack your own sand !


Source: here

I have to be a little biased here, cakes as centrepieces is one of my all time favorite ideas. It definitely doesn’t count as a money saving idea since you’ll need to purchase cakes through your venue once you get to your location but flat cake stands and table numbers would be easy enough to pack.


Source: here

I love how succulents are making a big comeback in weddings. I have never been a huge flower person and I am really just more attracted neutral palettes which succulents look amazing with. Even though succulents are durable I am not saying you should pack them! you might need to pick some up at the resort or chose faux flower inserts (honestly the flowers look so realistic now).


Source: here

You would probably have to purchase and pack the glasses and then a big bottle of tequila from duty free at the airport and you’re golden. I know that these were designed as wedding favors but I think put a group of them in the center with a cute sign and I think your golden!

What are you doing for your centrepieces? Are you bringing your own, having them provided by the venue or forgoing the tradition of centrepieces all together? Any tips or advice from future DW brides?

















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