There is no such thing as a free wedding



source: here

A word about free wedding packages: they are not free (sorry!) for two main reasons.

  1. Usually the free wedding packages that are good are at resorts that are a little more high-end (read: you pay more for your trip)
  2. So basic that it is impossible to not add to them. Usually the add-ons are the place where the resort make up their money.

I don’t blame anyone for choosing a high-end resort. You know your guest list better than anyone so if you believe that a pricier resort won’t limit your guest list (or you don’t care – either way no judgement!) than that might be the best way to go about getting your free wedding.

I know that might sound bad, like your guests are paying for your wedding package but DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. THAT IS REALLY NOT HOW IT WORKS. Yes you are more likely to get an adequate free wedding package at a nice resort but guests aren’t paying more to make that happen. repeat after me: guests aren’t paying more to stay at that resort for your wedding than they would if they just went to that resort. In fact, they are probably paying less because of a group rate. So if your guests are the type that would likely chose a nice 5 star resort for themselves, than you shouldn’t feel guilty.

Your second choice is choosing a resort that has a very basic free wedding package. Usually these include up to ten people and dinner at a restaurant that is already included in everyone’s all inclusive package anyway. they will have an upgrade to your own private venue whether that be their gardens, beach, rooftop, cenote, etc which is one of the many upgrade that make the complimentary package not quite as complimentary as it first appears.

It is up to you but it is worth considering choosing a resort that offers a package that you pay for that includes everything you want instead of a complimentary package where you will have to add several things that you want for your wedding.


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