Destination Wedding Chairs: Less is More

Bring on the lucite ghost chairs! Honestly, I am the least biased person when it comes to this. I did a lot of research on home decor trends before my fiance and I moved into our house and one of the trends I was not about to get on board with was lucite furniture. That’s why I was so surprised when it became my absolute top pick for destination weddings. When you are getting married in some of the most beautiful places in the world abroad, I really think the rule of “less is more” applies. Chiavari chairs are stunning but lucite chairs take attention away from the chairs and put focus on the amazing location you chose.

Yes the chairs are beautiful but the location !! LOVE! The following are all lucite chairs with a beach setting and are stunning.


Source: here


Source: here



Source: here



Source: here 


Don’t limit yourself (like I did) to thinking that Destination weddings only happen on the beach! The following are destinations that aren’t beach destination weddings but have equally beautiful scenery and I think this proves that if you have a beautiful location, lucite chairs should be a top contender in your decor choices.



Source: here


Source: here



Source: here


Source: here


Stunning right? You really can’t go wrong with these gorgeous chairs. That being said, with the beauty of these settings there really is no wrong chair choice but this is my favorite.

If you are planning your destination wedding I would love to hear from you! What are you planning for your decor? Let’s chat! I honestly feel like there is not a ton of resources that get into the SPECIFICS of destination weddings so us DW brides have to stick together. I know that there is a ton of general info out there which is helpful and not that helpful at the same time.

I really want this blog to be a real resource for people! So in the interest of total helpfulness and total transparency I wanted to let you know what these chairs are going to cost you! At my resort (and a few others I’ve checked into) white garden chairs come as the standard. Upgrades to chairs are between $6-$12USD. The bonus of a destination wedding though is that you might be able to afford to upgrade because of a lower guest list. The upgrade price is similar to some rental places I have seen here in Canada but at a home wedding I would be looking at about 150 chairs ($900-$1800!) which is a crazy amount to spend on chairs. I would have never upgraded this. But for a 30 person wedding? $90 doesn’t seem as crazy. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to cut some things in your budget this could easily be something that could go! It’s just nice to have options.



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